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Some of the most exciting and magnificent fish to catch on UK shorelines

Mark Jury, avid Big Tuna Fisherman

Bluefin Tuna Season 2021, The Story So Far….

August 16th: The start of the first official Bluefin Tuna survey in the UK.
15 boats mainly based in the south and southwest of England were licensed to target
Atlantic Bluefin Tuna on a strictly catch, tag, measure and release basis for CEFAS (a
government scientific research company).
We based ourselves in Plymouth, Devon.
Proved to be productive with 10 days fished and 16 fish caught. The biggest estimated around
The weather was unpredictable but we managed to get out for 18 days and catch 35 fish with 2
fish around 550lb.
We also had some frustrating times when the hook just fell out.
Lots of other amazing cetaceans were sighted; Minke Whales, Pilot Whales, Risso Dolphins and
the usual Harbour Porpoise, Common Atlantic Dolphins and Bottlenose Dolphins.
Blue Sharks were spotted regularly, some Sunfish and the occasional Thresher Shark.
Only 15 days were fished due to the weather and some previous commitments.
But 62 fish were caught, surpassing my wildest dreams and my target of 100 fish for the season.
We also saw the very rare White Beaked Dolphins and a Finn Whale.
Surely things could not get any better?!?!?!
We went out on 11 days and caught 90 fish. 2 days of 15 fish per day. UNBELIEVABLE!
The season closed on the 14th November just as the bite got really hot.
We ended with 205 Bluefin Tuna with the biggest estimated just under 600lbs and the
smallest estimated around 150lbs.
Some sore arms, great fishing, new friends, sunburn, great crew and amazing sightings.
I simply cannot wait for 2022!!

Deep Sea Fishing Tours

The waters off the coast of Plymouth are home to some of the fastest species of fish on the planet, the Giant Bluefin Tuna. These powerful beasts can grow up to 12ft long and weigh in at over 600kg. Despite their size, they can take line off your reel at 46mph making them one of the most exciting and magnificent fish to catch on UK shorelines.

What we do…

We have been lucky in securing a license to target Bluefin Tuna here in the UK under this years C.H.A.R.T tuna program. This program is scientifically based to research the stock of Bluefin Tuna in UK waters and we hope it will aid a future general license for a catch and release Bluefin Tuna fishery. There will be a strict code of conduct in place from C.E.F.A.S to maintain the wellbeing of all caught Tuna. Things like fight time limits (60mins or crew takeover), tag teaming anglers on fight, no alcohol, COVID restrictions adhered to. These Tuna can test the strongest of anglers so you must be physically fit and healthy.

Who we are…

I’ve been fishing all my life. I owned a boat before a car. My love of big game fishing started 34 years ago on a trip to Kenya to a resort named Hemingways. Instantly hooked, 2 trips per year and within 3 years i had bought my very own charter boat there. Since then, fishing destinations include Azores, Portugal, USA, Panama, Canaries, Tanzania and Ireland. In 2001 I went to Ireland to try for Giant Atlantic Bluefin Tuna. This was a new fishery and exciting as so close to home. I met with an amazing chap, Adrian Molloy, and we quickly became friends, swapping ideas and experiences and trying different methods, techniques and speeds etc. We have seen good years and terrible years and usually rough (big seas and winds). In 2015 we began to see an increase in numbers. In 2016 I purchased O’Fortuna (Aquabell 33′ Med). 2016-2019 we caught, tagged and realeased over 300 Tuna, average weight 324lbs. 2020 I purchased a new boat, Fortuna II, now fitted out ready for the UK 2021 Tuna season.

Our Boat…

Fortuna II is a 12m powerglide catamaran with a 5.1m beam, very stable. Fully rigged for fighting Giants with:- Lees Outriggers, Lees HD swivel rod holders, Murray Bros fighting chair, flybridge for long range spotting, cockpit controls for fighting/handling, twin 400hp engines.

Fishing equipment:- 4x 80lb trolling rods and reels, 4x 80lb stand up rods and reels, appropriate harnesses and more end tackle than necessary.